Class Calendar


Quiz tomorrow! We reviewed practice problems today.
Convert x-t to v-t
Draw best fit + find equations
Avg. vs. Instantaneous Velocity


We did whiteboard discussions today--each group had to answer the same questions about their data and had the opportunity to ask questions.

Labs due tomorrow.


We took notes on linearization and did an example in class.

Please have the following graphs done for tomorrow:
x-t (down ramp)
v-t (down ramp)
x-t(up ramp)
v-t (up ramp)
x-t-squared (down ramp)
Notes    Linearization


We went over procedure writing and finished graphing today. The analysis for lab was started. Your 2 x-t and 2 v-t graphs are due Monday.


We did a second part to the lab--motion of a cart UP a ramp. Both sets of data will be analyzed in the same lab


We started a lab: Movement Down and Inclined Plane
Please see this handout for any missed information (purpose, data table, etc.). You will be doing a formal writeup in your notebooks.
Notes    Lab Handout


There was a quiz today--please make it up ASAP if you were absent. Lab tomorrow...bring your notebooks


Whiteboard review of topics from last week--finish WS tomorrow to study.

Quiz tomorrow: data, graph, motion map, description, drawing best fit lines, finding equations (basically everything we've done)
Notes    Practice WS


Every group presented their speed buggy part 2--groups took notes on each presentation and turned them in


We conducted the second lab for speed buggies: each group gets a scenario (differing starting points and directions).

WB presentations tomorrow: data, graph, motion map, description


Speed Buggy Labs collected today.

We went over converting between the following:
1.) x-t graph
2.) motion maps
3.) written descriptions

We finished WS1 in class.

Notes    WS 1


We whiteboarded a problem on converting Position vs. Time to Velocity vs. Time.

We went over a new concept--motion maps.

Your lab report is due must contain the following:
Purpose, Procedure, Data, Graphs, Analysis


Two groups presented data from the speed buggy lab. We discussed what these results mean and took notes on analyzing position vs time graphs.

Your lab books will be collected on Wednesday--you need to have a procedure for both parts of the lab done by then.
Components required: purpose, procedure, data, graphs, analysis
If they are out of order for this first lab that is fine.


Continuation from yesterday--graphs need to be put on the whiteboard by the end of class. We went over graphing and equation writing notes. Whiteboards were corrected and graded by the end of class.

Finish correct your graphs in your notebooks by Monday. I will be grading your notebooks (tentatively) on Wednesday.
Notes    Graphing Notes


Students worked on graphing their data in their notebooks. Graphs need to be in notebooks by the end of class. We went over best fit lines.
Students need to finish their graphs with a best fit line and fine its equation by the beginning of class tomorrow.


We talked about the Speed Buggy Lab today. The lab is broken into two different parts.
1) Distance Dependent, Time Independent
2.) Time Dependent, Distance Independent

We took notes on how labs should be formatted and talked about how to conduct the lab. All the data for the speed buggy lab was taken today.


Welcome to Honors Physics! Today we went over the Syllabus and other beginning of year documents. You need to turn in a signed Syllabus, Release Form, and Lab Safety Contract by Friday. We are starting a lab tomorrow.
Notes    Syllabus